two faces created on a very difficult day four years ago

I’ve been meaning to photograph these two small canvases which hang at a friend of mine’s place for ages now. I finally did yesterday. These two drawings were created at a very difficult time when I felt that the only power I had left in this world was to draw a picture. I was very […]

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PrettyGreenBullet Exhibition Drawing

Because I’m always showing videos and slideshows of my works in progress, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the tables and photograph others and their creative processes. So I set up a little work station and let people do their thing. Artists include Yasmeen Dimashkie, Yousef Abu-Ghazaleh, Khaled Abu-Ghazaleh, Zainab Abu-Ghazaleh, […]

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The Dot Catchers

A dear, dear friend of mine (and one of my most favorite women in the world) called me the other day as I was doing my grocery shopping. She’d just seen my post Why it’s Important to Play and loved the whole potato thing. Over the phone-at the supermarket, I’m surprised how I managed to […]

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Why it’s Important to Play

    I was feeling very organic last weekend so decided to go out and buy some untreated canvas and play around a little. I also remembered that I had two or three potatoes once destined for a hearty mash, just sitting around in the fridge. Who knew that this would be their destination. I […]

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New Color

A week ago, my friend Simon Balsom and I were talking about colors. I was griping about all these products coming out, marketed as being revolutionary and cutting edge. So I said that what would really blow me away is if someone discovered a new color. Two days ago, Simon┬ácalled me and said that he […]

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