two more chairs yesterday

I am really enjoying these! One left to go.

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I’ve always loved chairs, many of you know that. And one of the ideas I had for this show is to create some works inspired by chairs. I’ve done it before, years ago, and wanted to return to it. My only little problem was finding the right chairs for my liking. Thanks to my friend […]

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This is a three panel painting I did in 2006. It was part of a collection of paintings I showed at Dar Al-Funoon Gallery that same year. I don’t remember the title or dimensions. I don’t even remember the title of that exhibition. Yes, I’m shit I know. This particular painting I love because it’s […]

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What’s up your skirt?

  Although cooling, the skirt must be one of the most impractical items of clothing ever. I love to wear skirts, they’re so flowy and feminine, sexy and sweet. But very impractical.  

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A Bunch of Wrought

A page of free associative drawings inspired by feeling like I’ve been dragged by a tractor through a field of dry manure and bumping my head on a blunt rock at the end of it.

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