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I’m bound and determined to finish this painting by the end of this week. Eve takes a Profile Pic is the second of a series for my March exhibition at the Gallery Tilal.

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Gallery Tilal|Eve Takes a Profile Picture

I started this painting earlier today. Don’t be impressed, a lot of the paint was already on there (I rarely do this, but I’m painting over an old one that was sitting heavy on my mind).

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A Portrait of Yasmine Alkandari|May 16 am

It looks much more like her now. I totally fucked her up. And I broke my camera. And I’m feeling shitty with the world. Sorry, Yasmine.

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Them & Me

I like to play. A LOT. But sometimes when I play I break things. And this time I broke my camera. I did manage to take a few shots before it fell and a couple after, until it zonked out completely on me. If you look at the black and white photo, the bottom right […]

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itunes on L[S]D

I’m sure this has been done a million times before, but it’s always good to have a camera handy when experiencing the itunes visualizer!

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