new painting|escaping ballerinas|july 1 & july 2

I started this painting yesterday. I didn’t think I’d get this far, but I got really into it. I’m very much enjoying the patterning, and I made it a rule to avoid all opaqueness, which is very different from my usual approach to painting. I only broke the rule at the end because it was […]

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Black Sketchbook|Boxes on the Mind

I love boxes, I love chairs, and I love women. Ok, that last bit didn’t sound quite right although it’s true. I DO love women. I love drawing and painting them, I love their wide array of emotions and complexities, and I love the fact that I am a woman. This is one of those […]

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From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|December 17, 2008, Emirates Air|Kuala Lumpur to Dubai|Originally Posted June 26, 2009

I’m going to start posting my airplane sketches on here. These are drawings I do on a plane. Because I’m a nervous flyer-well, I used to be anyway-my sketching style changes. There is a purpose to most of these drawings and that’s to help me pass time.The drawings are different and distinguished in several ways. […]

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