ugh! part two

Botamba continue to display their professional ineptitude and outright rudeness. A few days ago I posted this and this. I have to say that I apologize to the blogs that I mentioned because as of today, one of them has been removed from this so-called aggregator. The owner of the freshly removed blog contacted me […]

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These are the morons who are empowered to tell you what you should and should not see on the net. I originally posted this and then deleted it when I got a comment that my PrettyGreenBullet blog was in fact on Botamba. But Raw Epistle was still rejected. I finally got their reply and this is […]

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A few days ago, I submitted my two blogs to Botamba, an RSS aggregator for Kuwait and the Gulf’s blogs. Yesterday, I checked their site to find that my babies were rejected. I was both upset and amused. Someone actually went through my blogs and thought: hmmm, no. Not good enough. So I’m thinking maybe […]

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