a trip to essex } brook cottage

I never thought that after Rose Cottage last August I’d visit the English countryside again so soon after, and this time with my loved ones. It felt amazing to take this trip with my children and sister, because I did feel lonely the last time. And my people are a lot of fun to be […]

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ghost, chair & a haunted mouth

Sometimes I like to illustrate my illustrations with photos because it’s fun and I like sharing. So cross the bridge to see what I’m talking about!

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From the Bspot|Blue Canary in the Outlet By the Lightswitch*|Originally Posted August 28, 2009

Sometimes I fancy myself a bit of an architect. With this sketch, done on August 4th, I didn’t get very far. But I guess there’s as much architecture in a birdhouse as there is in a palace. *They Might Be Giants, Birdhouse in Your Soul

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