Ballerina Pink at Gallery Tilal

I visited Gallery Tilal this morning to check on my painting Ballerina Pink, which is there for a prospective buyer. I must say, this is one of my most camouflage-ic paintings. It blends in anywhere it’s placed. At least I think it does.

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new painting|escaping ballerinas|july 1 & july 2

I started this painting yesterday. I didn’t think I’d get this far, but I got really into it. I’m very much enjoying the patterning, and I made it a rule to avoid all opaqueness, which is very different from my usual approach to painting. I only broke the rule at the end because it was […]

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Ballerina Pink

I finally completed my latest confection. Why am I suddenly in the mood for cotton candy?

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Ballerina Pink|Sunday, June 5 am

Although I love receiving comments on PrettyGreenBullet, I publish these ‘painting-in-progress’ posts simply to share. It’s hard for me to work on a painting with other people’s voices in my head. I do know and appreciate that different people prefer these paintings at different stages. As for me, I not only enjoy the process, but […]

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New Painting|An Aging Ballerina with Many, Many Flowers

When I decided to do a dance series, I started off so gung-ho and art school about it. I wanted to call Andie Hicks (I think everyone with a daughter, niece or little sister knows she’s the doyen of Kuwait’s ballet world) and sit in on her sessions. Then I thought I’d get the same […]

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new series|new painting|nothing titled or thought through enough yet

After finishing Stories of Eves, I felt an overwhelming sense of aimlessness. There was, however, still the exhibition to look forward to. But after the opening, while shuffling my children, the gallery and nursing what felt like a stomach bug, I thought of something a visitor to my show suggested: my girls dancing. I didn’t […]

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