khaldoun’s book } december 12th, 2014

I’ve been wanting to get back into life drawing for a while now, and I’m so out of practice. So I decided that the best model for this would be my new nephew Khaldoun. Little did I know what a difficult subject he would be. No matter how much I enjoy looking at him, the little […]

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one k comes as the other k goes

For the past few weeks the mere thought of writing in this book has made me anxious. There was so much going on and I had little inclination to write. I don’t understand why. So I’ll share some of the highlights of my days here. 

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My Pecha Kucha Night Vol. One Presentation

The first volume of Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait was held at the Dar Al Athar Al-Islamiyah (DAI) on March 11, 2009. I am posting it today because I just discovered how to upload videos onto my blog. I don’t like watching this video for two reasons: the first is that I don’t generally enjoy watching […]

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