Upcoming Exhibition}PrettyGreenBullet|The Second Exhibition

I have finally secured a venue and set a date (well, two tentatively, a week apart) for my upcoming PrettyGreenBullet exhibition. I have decided to have a one-night PGB exhibition at the Dar Al-Funoon gallery on either December 5 or December 12. It’s a bigger and more fulfilling sensation than I thought now that I […]

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Thuraya Al-Baqsami|Retrospective Exhibition 1970-2011

sergei, 1977, pastels on paper: it is a common (and quite ignorant) misperception in this part of the world that artists who take any path other than the realist one, can’t draw. these are the laypeople. i don’t think they understand that shifting away from realism is a choice the artist makes and not just […]

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