the book of curtains } me and rui

It’s so rare that I’m inspired by contemporary art these days. And when I say ‘inspired’ I mean loving a body of work so much that I’m compelled to emulate it. I’ve been following Rui Tsunoda on Twitter and fell in love with his drawings. For the past two days I’ve been fiddling around with my pencils, markers, […]

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carbon imprints } future exhibition residue

I’ve been working with carbon paper for years now and still find it fascinating. Here I’m sharing some of my latest scraps, including several that I’ve inverted just for fun. Listen here to Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Kiss Them For Me.

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friday’s thing } it’s not a painting, it’s a sounding board

A few Fridays ago I decided to take out a roll of canvas-like material (I’ll never know what it is, it smells like upholstery fabric but it’s quite stiff and nasty) and start doodling on it with my paints. Nothing made sense in my life and I didn’t want this ‘painting‘ to make sense. It […]

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because i have to stop thinking

Have you ever thought so much it drove you insane? I think I just reached that point; the point where I no longer want things to make sense because they’re just not going to. Ever. Not as long as I’m thinking about them. I feel I’ve reached a level of madness where I just want […]

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