Zahra and the Elements Last Day

zahra 7Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 11:49 am: Zahra exhumed. I’m looking at her now, head still up and her eyes still defiant. I’m wondering: what was the point of all this? Why did I want to destroy this indestructible woman? It’s only made me angrier that, despite her shoddy appearance, her head is still held high. Goes to show that revenge isn’t sweet, it just pisses you off more when the one you are trying to hurt doesn’t even know you exist. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 6


bigger tire tracks

road kill

Monday, October 5, 2009, 4:38 pm: Zahra’s night out with the cats didn’t faze her much so I took her to IKEA with me today instead. Then I drove over her with my Subaru Outback. Tonight I will bury her by the cornicarpus trees. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 5


doused, spat on and confused

doused, spat on and confused

Sunday, October 4, 2009, 9:40 am: Zahra spent the night submerged in the sink and peaceful. She was a little too happy for my liking so I kept her in the wet cold sink when I brushed my teeth this morning. I think I’ll put her out in the sunshine where the neighborhood cats feed on the food I give them. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 4


browned in the oven at 200 degrees and slightly charred by the stovetop fire

browned in the oven at 200 degrees and slightly charred by the stovetop fire

Saturday, October 3, 2003: Tonight she is drowning in a pool of water and soap, where she will stay overnight, and then left outside again to dry. She will break sooner or later. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 3

zahra with bike tire tracks


zahra with bike tracks


October 2, 2009, 9:45 am. Today I will cook her. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 2


doused and left out overnight to dry. she's still strong

doused and left out overnight to dry. she's still strong

October 1, 2009, 10:54 pm: Today, I will ride over her with my bike several times. I wonder what she will look like after that. Will she still be as ‘stoic’ (thank you Yahia Lababidi for the word)? We’ll just have to wait and see. Click more to see what she looked like yesterday. Read More

Zahra and the Elements

ZahraWednesday, September 30, 2009: This is Zahra. She is watercolor painted on a piece of 4 x 6 inch paper. For a week I will be putting her through a battery of endurance tests. Today, I will pour water on her and leave her out in the balcony to dry. The temperature outside is in the low 30s.

A Bunch of Wrought

sickA page of free associative drawings inspired by feeling like I’ve been dragged by a tractor through a field of dry manure and bumping my head on a blunt rock at the end of it.

Punch drunk

teabags6Tea again. I am now officially obsessed. Dyed, drowned, doused but not drunk. Tea will accompany me for the next few months as I work on my new pieces for my next exhibition. I don’t have a date or venue yet but that’ll come with time. Read More


fool's bubbles“It must start with the realization that you are not special.”

Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Yellow Tape Portraits Part III

QutraThe finale of Laura Boushnak‘s little trilogy: the exhibition. Read More

Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Yellow Tape Portraits Part II

Organizing my ladies, hup two hup twoThis is the second segment of Laura Boushnak‘s photos of my exhibition: preparations for The Yellow Tape Portraits Exhibition at the Sultan Gallery. Read More

Hidden Sight

alternately near and far sighted in one eye, 20/20 vision in the other, and a little directionally impaired

alternately near and far sighted in one eye, 20/20 vision in the other, and a little directionally impaired

Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Yellow Tape Portraits Part I

me and my girlsThese are photos taken by Palestinian photographer Laura Boushnak. I was lucky to have her around while preparing for my show, The Yellow Tape Portraits. For someone who loves posing for photos (it’s an Alkandari flaw) it was very difficult to ignore the presence of a camera. But Laura made it easy. This is part I: in my studio painting the three last pieces for the show. Read More

Delectable Corpse


For dinner she served them the crime.

For dinner she served them the crime.

The Yellow Tape Portraits

guardians of the queen

queen's guardians sitting strong and stoic.

These are photos from my last exhibition at the Sultan Gallery, entitled The Yellow Tape Portraits. The show ran from the 10th to the 12th of February, 2009. For more on these paintings please click on the image above. Photos by Mohammed Alkandari Read More



Notes & Doodles

doing the mathClick on the image to take you to Katy’s unruly kingdom. Enjoy.

Pecha Kucha Night Volume 1, Kuwait City

pknClick the image to go there.

The Stowaway

Her Emmy Dress


teaI love tea. I don’t drink it but I love the color and the way teabags look after being doused in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. I kind of went crazy with these though. I opened three boxes of Chay Al-Wizza and obsessively steeped one after another and placed them on a cookie sheet. I love the organic feel of the bags and the aroma took me back to my grandparent’s old home when my grandpa used to cool down the tea for us by pouring it into a saucer and twirling it around a little.

Ant Museum

ant museum


Thomas ThreeThomas Four

A few hours ago I wrote in my most desperate of diaries. The one I go to when I’ve lost all hope in people and resort to my imaginary confidant. This book is my new holder of letters to a man I have become terrified of going to. Because I know that writing to him means that I’ve reached rock bottom. This is Thomas.

Mr. Ambidexter



I often tell people I’m ambidextrous. It’s been years now since my mom offhandedly (pardon the pun) said that either my brother, Tareq, or I were left-handed as a child*. I’ve always had this theory that most artists are left-handed, so I really wanted it to have been me. I do certain things with my left hand, kick with my left foot-whenever I feel the urge to kick that is. It had to have been me. Anyway, a few years back I wanted to use both my left and right hand at the same time to draw a picture. The strangest-and most natural-thing happened: my left hand was mirroring my right. I didn’t even have to think about it. The drawing above is such an example. I’m probably not the first or last to do this, but to me, it was a wonderful discovery. It made me feel special (and kind of like a mini superhero) for about a month.

*In Islam, the right hand is preferred to the left. You MUST eat with your right hand because you’re dining with the Devil himself if you use your left one.

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