Janiber: it’s just as much about the dress as it is about the dog


Iber is black. He looks two dimensional but he's not done yet. The painting is now in what I call its 'ugly phase'. We all go through it so why not a painting?


Closer up to that dress which I love.



Closer still. If not for the other photos, I'd imagine that it's hard to tell what this is.




jackonejacktwoThis is why it’s a better idea to carve the pumpkin a whole week before Halloween.

Janiber Day 3


Jana is happy with the way she looks in this painting, like she's about to commit murder (i'd like to think figuratively)

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Jana & the Giant Schnauzer Iber

iberpaintingI started a painting today. I’m painting it specially for an auction which is to take place mid-February at the Dar Al-Funoon Gallery in Sharq. More about this in future posts. Because the auction will benefit a certain animal shelter, I felt that it was befitting to paint a portrait of two of my favorite animals: Jana and Iber. Read More

Palestinian Cultural Center Meeting Notes 10.24.09


I forgot to take my brown planning book with me to the PCC meeting yesterday. A dear friend of mine kindly gave me his arsenal of stationary, including this mango yellow printing paper. For added affect, I folded up my ‘notes’ and put them in the back pocket of my jeans. I love things to look like they have a story, even if that story is staged.


This is the photograph you asked for. I am Mara.

'This is the photograph you asked for. I am Mara. I saw a resemblance...I will be her for Halloween.'-Miti Aiello

A little over a month ago I decided that I wanted to create these postcards and send them out to my friends. I only got round to mailing them about a week ago. The first, to my blogsister Miti Aiello, arrived a few days ago. My mouth just dropped when I found this in my e-mailbox this morning.


invisible medicine ballI had a pretty taxing week, straight off the heels of a few shitty months. It feels like the wind has been blown out of me and replaced with endorphins. Pain is great, if only to make what comes after it much more pleasurable.


gigs 1 and 2

In 2006, I had this idea for an anonymous magazine, giving the writer/artist/photographer not just the freedom to display uncensored work, but the opportunity to be whoever they choose to be. The concept was to go all out, no holds barred. I e-mailed, messaged and called my most opinionated/creative friends and requested (demanded really) submissions. Read More

Plans For an Exhibition

pccnotesoct17This page is taken from my brown planning book. I bought the actual sketchbook in New York, and it just sort of became my planning book, because I have SO many books that I use contemporaneously. For more pages like this, gently click on this phrase: shubaik lubaik, and it will take you there.


clown closeupEver felt like punching a clown? Read More

Adult Playground


get off the swing, it's my turn now

get off the swing, it's my turn now

I need an adult playground. And not the kinky type in a fantasy world of double entendres. I mean a real playground for adults. With seesaws and slides, and fighting over swings. Where I push you and then you push me. Where I have to be careful to slowly get off the seesaw lest I hurt you. An adult playground with an appropriately sized sandbox where we can build imaginary homes and defend them against the sandcastle kickers. I want to run, I want to push and I want to get sick on the centrifuge. I just want an adult playground.

Evolution of a Name

greenbullets38If you’ve visited my original site, you may have seen this very crude little video (yes, I’m crude and proud of it) I made on powerpoint. Because I’m slowly transferring my posts, I felt like doing this one today. I haven’t upgraded my blog to directly upload videos here so bear with me as you’re transported to my other blog to visit Ina and her green bullets. Will upgrade soon though, just need to fix some other things here. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Last Day

zahra 7Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 11:49 am: Zahra exhumed. I’m looking at her now, head still up and her eyes still defiant. I’m wondering: what was the point of all this? Why did I want to destroy this indestructible woman? It’s only made me angrier that, despite her shoddy appearance, her head is still held high. Goes to show that revenge isn’t sweet, it just pisses you off more when the one you are trying to hurt doesn’t even know you exist. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 6


bigger tire tracks

road kill

Monday, October 5, 2009, 4:38 pm: Zahra’s night out with the cats didn’t faze her much so I took her to IKEA with me today instead. Then I drove over her with my Subaru Outback. Tonight I will bury her by the cornicarpus trees. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 5


doused, spat on and confused

doused, spat on and confused

Sunday, October 4, 2009, 9:40 am: Zahra spent the night submerged in the sink and peaceful. She was a little too happy for my liking so I kept her in the wet cold sink when I brushed my teeth this morning. I think I’ll put her out in the sunshine where the neighborhood cats feed on the food I give them. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 4


browned in the oven at 200 degrees and slightly charred by the stovetop fire

browned in the oven at 200 degrees and slightly charred by the stovetop fire

Saturday, October 3, 2003: Tonight she is drowning in a pool of water and soap, where she will stay overnight, and then left outside again to dry. She will break sooner or later. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 3

zahra with bike tire tracks


zahra with bike tracks


October 2, 2009, 9:45 am. Today I will cook her. Read More

Zahra and the Elements Day 2


doused and left out overnight to dry. she's still strong

doused and left out overnight to dry. she's still strong

October 1, 2009, 10:54 pm: Today, I will ride over her with my bike several times. I wonder what she will look like after that. Will she still be as ‘stoic’ (thank you Yahia Lababidi for the word)? We’ll just have to wait and see. Click more to see what she looked like yesterday. Read More

Zahra and the Elements

ZahraWednesday, September 30, 2009: This is Zahra. She is watercolor painted on a piece of 4 x 6 inch paper. For a week I will be putting her through a battery of endurance tests. Today, I will pour water on her and leave her out in the balcony to dry. The temperature outside is in the low 30s.

A Bunch of Wrought

sickA page of free associative drawings inspired by feeling like I’ve been dragged by a tractor through a field of dry manure and bumping my head on a blunt rock at the end of it.

Punch drunk

teabags6Tea again. I am now officially obsessed. Dyed, drowned, doused but not drunk. Tea will accompany me for the next few months as I work on my new pieces for my next exhibition. I don’t have a date or venue yet but that’ll come with time. Read More


fool's bubbles“It must start with the realization that you are not special.”

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