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her name is

She dances to Synchronicity by The Police.

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and finally, fernanda and z

The one on the left is Fernanda (thank you, Lubna) and the one on the right is Z. Z isn’t short for anything. It’s just Z.

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meet amalie. and agnes

I named this woman Amalie after a friend’s daughter. I imagine the original Amalie will grow up to be this. As for Agnes, that was a friend’s suggestion for the subject of this portrait. But I’d already chosen Amalie, so I decided to introduce another subject. Woof woof!

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the well-dressed, well-coifed bulgarian lady who occasionally cheated

Listen as you watch: When I started this picture earlier this evening, I was stuck. I knew I wanted to put something on this woman’s head, I just wasn’t sure what. A little ways in I posted my progress on Instagram. Minutes later, my friend Lubna Saif Abbas left a comment: I imagine her with a set of […]

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