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the traveling tap 4 } current location } bangkok, thailand

I am so excited about my girls visiting Ireland and Thailand with my friend Nelli. She’s done an amazing job of taking care of them. I don’t think she realizes how happy her photos have made me. Note: Nelli doesn’t have Instagram so I took the liberty of Instagramming them for her (with her approval […]

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the traveling tap } current location } new jersey & new york

I want to thank @hobarticus for taking such good care of this tapestry. She’s in one of my favorite parts of the world: the US East Coast. Check out her previous travels here.

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the traveling tap } current location } barcelona

AJ, AJ, AJ. He just took the tap experience up a few notches. He and his partner in crime Carles (one shoots, the other hones) keep outdoing themselves with every photo. Funny thing is, I was in public every time I saw one of their posts. The first two times my jaw dropped (not literally […]

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the traveling tap } current location } london

If you’re wondering about TheTravelingTap series, you can read about it here.┬áIt would be so cool if you could take part. So far I have four in circulation: one is in Goa, one is in Beirut, and one is in California. This one is in London, soon on her way to Barcelona. If only I […]

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the traveling tap

Last October I got an idea for an Instagram series: send my tapestries to different people around the world to be Instagrammed. Something about the idea of letting go of my work, eventually to total strangers four, five, six degrees separated from me, both enthralled me and terrified me. But I had to let go […]

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