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the traveling tap 4 } exit 293, kuwait

Last weekend my sister and I were invited to a ‘Kuwaiti’ party at our friend H’s beach house by the Saudi border. It was the equivalent of a toga party, but instead of Roman garb, the dress code was dishdashas for the men and dara’at (women’s robes) for the ladies. Folkloric singer Ismail Karam and his troop provided the […]

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the traveling tap 4 } the pantiles } leatherhead, surrey

On a freezing morning in January, Roxie and I took my fourth Traveling Tap out for a walk around my brother’s new home in Leatherhead, Surrey. As always, I put her through the wringer. And as always, she obliged. Click here for more of her adventures.

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the traveling tap four } current location } beirut, lebanon

So this is what happens when there are multiple custodians of the tapestry. I get a deluge of very similar posts. However. Each and every one is special because I know how much work goes into taking one of these shots. So I’d like to thank one mother, two aunties, and two cousins for taking […]

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the traveling tap 4 } current location } bangkok, thailand

I am so excited about my girls visiting Ireland and Thailand with my friend Nelli. She’s done an amazing job of taking care of them. I don’t think she realizes how happy her photos have made me. Note: Nelli doesn’t have Instagram so I took the liberty of Instagramming them for her (with her approval […]

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the traveling tap 4 } current location } san francisco

Below are a couple more shots from Ayesha. She took those on a previous trip to Dallas. I just forgot to post them!

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the traveling tap 4 } current location } oxford, england

Ayesha’s comment on her Christ Church photo: ‘Hanging about right outside Harry Potter’s dining hall! (Had to quickly run away as the security guards were coming!!).’ She then added, ‘Wish I had a pic of what followed-me totally entangled in the tapestry in a rush to hide from the guard!’

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