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two years on, still tea

This afternoon I revisited my teabags yet again. I know, you guys are probably sick of this project, but believe me, not as much as I am. Besides wanting to put an end to the teabag clutter I suffer in the kitchen, I’m dying to see what the end result looks like! 

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the teabag prophecies|almost halfway done

  Although I love the environment and do what I can to avoid destroying it, the main reason I keep many things considered trash by others is that I simply love the way they look and truly believe that one day I will create something beautiful with them. One day. As you see, I’m still […]

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The Teabag Prophecies

About a year ago I started collecting teabags because I loved the organic-ness of a used and dried up bag of tea. I also love repetition and the linearity of things. There is something very regimental and military-like about any ordinary object or human being stacked side by side; almost but not altogether uniform. I […]

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Punch drunk

Tea again. I am now officially obsessed. Dyed, drowned, doused but not drunk. Tea will accompany me for the next few months as I work on my new pieces for my next exhibition. I don’t have a date or venue yet but that’ll come with time.

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I love tea. I don’t drink it but I love the color and the way teabags look after being doused in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. I kind of went crazy with these though. I opened three boxes of Chay Al-Wizza and obsessively steeped one after another and placed them on […]

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