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the book of curtains } me and rui

It’s so rare that I’m inspired by contemporary art these days. And when I say ‘inspired’ I mean loving a body of work so much that I’m compelled to emulate it. I’ve been following Rui Tsunoda on Twitter and fell in love with his drawings. For the past two days I’ve been fiddling around with my pencils, markers, […]

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a journal with a new, not-completely-found purpose

So I’ve repurposed my original new journal. To me right now, it feels like a book which delves a little deeper into my subconscious than my more conventional journals. And because of the unfavorable way the pages reacted with my inks, it’s forced me to be more experimental and try new techniques. And that’s almost always a […]

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let me introduce you to ‘the book of curtains’

So I finally started writing in my new journal from the wonderful Hope House Press. I noticed that my ink was being absorbed in a different way, seeping through to the other side. To me, that was a problem. But every problem that presents itself comes with at least one creative solution. So I decided that I’m going to roll […]

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