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the traveling tap 4 } the pantiles } leatherhead, surrey

On a freezing morning in January, Roxie and I took my fourth Traveling Tap out for a walk around┬ámy brother’s new home in Leatherhead, Surrey. As always, I put her through the wringer. And as always, she obliged. Click here for more of her adventures.

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tapestry } grandmother, daughter and child

I am so incredibly behind schedule. There is so much to do outside the actual artwork itself, it’s not even funny. I’m anxious, worried, nauseous…and I’ve just used ellipses. I know it will work in the end, but at the expense of my mental and physical health over the next few weeks.

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an apology

This is an apology to you, my PGB. I feel I have neglected you in the past few weeks. It’s just that I’ve been quite busy with something I feel is a little repetitive, and I don’t want to tire you. And here’s the proof.

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