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today i made a t-shirt for my nephew and i think i will make some more

My nephew Mahmoud saw a shirt I had painted a while ago and said that he would like one. I was so flattered by his request that I couldn’t help but oblige him. Listen to Eez-eh by Kasabian

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t-shirts three and four on august 2nd

I’m all out of T-shirts. I have to replenish my supply soon. The exhibition is coming up and I’ve got billions of things to do. But I’m starting to get that feeling that I’m on track rather than lost. And that fills me with renewed excitement for my projects.

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t-shirts for my upcoming exhibition

I have finally started work on these t-shirts for my next PrettyGreenBullet exhibition in November. This is one, nineteen to go. Initially I wanted to paint twenty-one but have settled on twenty. I’d love to do more but I have to be realistic about time.

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