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a moral in the morning

A backwards series of events.  

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When I was younger (a lot younger, but old enough to know better), I secretly wished that I had not only one long lost twin sister, but two, making me a third of a triplet my parents couldn’t handle when my mom gave birth to me thirteen (see? old enough!) years before in New Delhi. […]

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proud to be? not yet.

I am a Kuwaiti. Am I proud to be a Kuwaiti? No. Before you take out your punching gloves, I want you to think hard about the term ‘proud to be’ and what it is to be proud of this country, my country. Now, do I love Kuwait? Yes. Passionately. And every day I fight […]

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five sketches yesterday, five questions today

I’d like some answers to these universal questions and I’d like them soon!

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new spiral sketchbook } six sketches

I just bought a new sketchbook because I miss my spiral sketchbook. Visually I loved the way it looked scanned and online. The only thing that really irks me with these new sketchbooks is the perforations. I don’t want my pages perforated! And it’s always something I forget to check for. 

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