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Day 50

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting.

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a month with a stranger

A few weeks ago I decided to take on a commission, just out of curiosity. It was to create one of my journals, but for someone else, a complete stranger. In a way it was like I was this woman’s surrogate chronicler: incubate my stories for the duration of a few weeks and ultimately give them away, […]

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me, my friends and the ninth global art forum

So the Global Art Forum came and went. There were glitches, some heartache and a general feeling of ‘it could’ve been better’. I’m sure we did all we could to present and host it to our best abilities. All I can hope for is that a. we do a better job next year (if we’re asked) and […]

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the little ones } inspired by a doodle this morning

A few months ago I drew some pictures and called them ‘The Little Ones’ because they’re little. And they’re cute. This morning, instead of cleaning my home I picked up the above piece of paper that I’d used to serve as a masking device for one of my paintings, and I wrote some notes on it. Then I […]

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notes & doodles } waiting on a daughter and a horse

I forgot to take a book with me to my daughter’s horse-back riding lesson last night. And I didn’t have internet coverage so that I could at least catch up with emails (Mada sucks). So I drew in my what-to-do notebook.

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notes & doodles } on the phone with two special friends

A short bit about the one on the left: My good friend Laura sent me a message asking me what I’d draw if someone asked me to illustrate ‘hormones’. I replied that I didn’t think there were a drawing demented enough to express my hormones. I called her later that day and we spoke for […]

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