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cut & eat

I’m feeling a little down today. In my life, food is a pretty accurate barometer for my moods; the worse I feel, the less I eat. So for this morning, I will eventually have my breakfast, but I probably won’t enjoy it. Which will put me at a 7.8 on the emotional Richter scale. The picture […]

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ruby & her three yellow roses

I originally posted this picture last February, before I acquired my new scanner. So this is it scanned. I’m not sure which is more true to the actual picture. I’m still playing around with the scanner and hopefully with time, I can better control image accuracy.

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my new love

My A3 scanner finally arrived two days ago. I didn’t want to just segue from my smaller scanner (which still holds a special place in my heart) to this one without pomp and circumstance. I wanted to honor my new and humungous scanner with a post dedicated just to it. So here’s to you, Mustek. […]

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