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kalamazoo } march 31, 2015 } #1,2,3,4

It was hard for me to stop working on these Kalamazoo drawings back in October. So I decided to start again, because having them in my life makes me a happier person. I use all sorts of supplies on these: stamps, water, watercolors, ballpoint pen, pencil, and carbon paper. I always work on two at […]

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secretary } the kalamazoo stacks } 01-51

These are 51 of around 500 drawings I’ve done on this paper for my upcoming show secretary. The stationary is made specially for Mogahwi, my favorite suppliers at the moment. Not the store in the City but the one in old Salmiya. They have the most antiquated stationary there, I love it. I called this collection The Kalamazoo […]

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