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Gallery Tilal|Eve’s Letter From Eve

There are so many stories here.

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eve takes a profile pic|return to

I’m bound and determined to finish this painting by the end of this week. Eve takes a Profile Pic is the second of a series for my March exhibition at the Gallery Tilal.

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Gallery Tilal|Eve Takes a Profile Picture

I started this painting earlier today. Don’t be impressed, a lot of the paint was already on there (I rarely do this, but I’m painting over an old one that was sitting heavy on my mind).

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Stories of Eves|Eve & Adam

I decided for my March exhibition at Gallery Tilal to continue my Stories of Eves series. I just feel like I haven’t explored the subject to my fullest capacity (in other words, I’m still not bored with it). And in light of some personal current events, there is still so much I want to say […]

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New Painting|Untitled Yet

To use the term of the decade, this video was a total fail (cross the bridge for the video, I changed things around a bit). But I thought I’d post it anyway because it’s kinda clutzy like me. And it actually has a few informative seconds if you filter out the mistakes, pauses and technical […]

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