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a special little chair for a special little boy

Every now and then you meet a little man you fall in love with. And then you make him a chair. Here’s to heirlooms and happy times, Hilal.

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new chair

This is one of two chairs I’m preparing for dar.nur. I missed making my chairs (I don’t make the actual chairs, just the drawings). I’m working on the sister chair but that’s proving a little more difficult. More later.

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three of four commissioned chairs

I was recently commissioned by two pgb3 visitors to create two chairs each. Here are three of those four chairs. I’m not taking any more orders but I will be leaving my mark on other furniture so stay tuned ;). 

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Last Chair

  The last chair is finally complete! You may have noticed that my posts have not been as regular as usual. The reason for this is that my main computer slipped into a coma and now my laptop’s decided to conk out on me. So I’ve been using my handy little phone.

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two more chairs yesterday

I am really enjoying these! One left to go.

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