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new painting } come in/come close/come together

All I’m going to say about this painting is that I miss companionship.

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folkyflo & the little eves

A few weeks ago I introduced everyone to FolkyFlo Eve. And now it’s time to introduce you to the Little Eves. The idea of a smaller Eve arose when I felt the original Eve was a little too cumbersome and conspicuous for me to carry around. So I kept her with friends (she had a great time, but […]

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new painting } the eves and thilo

I finished this painting around ten days ago, and instead of photographing myself with it as I usually do with my finished paintings, I wanted to share that fun with a few of the special women in my life. Thanks to my sister Yasmine for thinking about asking her colleague photographer Thilo Mayer to take […]

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new painting } eve to eve

I started this painting before my trip to London beginning of this month and let it marinate for a while until two days ago. I have made a promise to never end a painting until I love it, and I’m crazy about this one. 

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the reincarnation of eve

I have been following Laura Bevan on Instagram for a while now. As I do with many artist friends I’ve ‘met’ on Instagram, I like a lot of her posts/artwork. But it’s her dolls I fell in love with. Because I’m always up for a collaboration, I asked her if she would create an Eve for me, […]

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