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Birds & Bees

We had quite a huge dust storm a few days ago. The next day I found this paper in one of my plants. Just a single sheet of paper, blown away from its book, among other windswept jetsam and flotsam. I picked it up and thought: hmm, I wonder what bit of knowledge/nonsense has been […]

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Black Sketchbook|Drawings & Scraps

These are three pages from my black sketchbook. I bought the sketchbook a few years ago because I liked the novelty of it, and I knew that I would have to somehow work around the problem of drawing on black pages. One of the ‘projects’ I gave myself was this one: I asked my friend […]

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I had a pretty taxing week, straight off the heels of a few shitty months. It feels like the wind has been blown out of me and replaced with endorphins. Pain is great, if only to make what comes after it much more pleasurable.

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In 2006, I had this idea for an anonymous magazine, giving the writer/artist/photographer not just the freedom to display uncensored work, but the opportunity to be whoever they choose to be. The concept was to go all out, no holds barred. I e-mailed, messaged and called my most opinionated/creative friends and requested (demanded really) submissions.

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