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to revisit an old companion

It’s not that old, but it’s acquired that ancient crinkle: my NYT Sunday Crossword Puzzle book from 2008. I’ve decided to solve the unfinished puzzles and use it¬†simultaneously¬†as a sketchbook. It works for me and I hope it works for you too.

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what would you take?

I’m sure we’ve all been asked this question at one point in our lives: if you were to be stuck on a desert island, what would you take with you? I was sort of in the urban version of that situation this morning: a friend, who is moving and needed to be at work, asked […]

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Crossword Sidelines

I love crossword puzzles. You can leave me in a room with one for days on end and I won’t tire. Sometimes, however, my urge to draw is greater and I’ve never been one to suppress an urge.

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