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more photos from dar.nur

I took another trip to dar.nur this afternoon. I must admit, it was business, but I just can’t help hanging around and taking photos. The place is teeming with beautiful objects. A wonderful place to award yourself an allowance and go nuts!

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my books & postcards at dar.nur

I have delivered some copies of my book Body Parts to one of my favorite shops in Kuwait, dar.nur. I also took ten of my framed postcards. dar.nur is the perfect place to go this time of year for fine gifts you won’t find anywhere else in Kuwait. I do hope you give it a […]

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book one } body parts | first batch out for delivery!

I spent this afternoon wrapping and organizing delivery of the first batch of my book Body Parts. I don’t know, maybe it’s in my blood (my mom’s a huge wrapping fiend) but I love fussing with ‘gifts’. I know these aren’t technically presents but the people who bought them should feel like they have just […]

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Book One } Body Parts

This book is #1 of a series of five thematic books I plan to publish over the next few years (fingers crossed!). I have been fantasizing about this project for probably a whole decade now, and it’s so exciting to see it finally come to fruition. The book features my sketches and drawings, and guest […]

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