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*Photo by Yasmine Alkandari

My name is Ghadah Alkandari. I’m a Kuwaiti artist and aspiring blogger. I never realized until I started a blog in April 2009 that I am also a diarist and exhibitionist. To me, my blog is my own private reality show. It’s been a platform for me to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone willing to stop by and listen. In a country where thinkers and artists are sparse, I like to think that there are a few people out there who just might get me.

Professionally,  I’ve been exhibiting and selling my work both nationally and internationally. I am also insisting on being a children’s book writer and illustrator. Although in the past I’d illustrated a handful of children’s books for other writers/institutions, there has been one book that I started years ago. My goal is to finish this book. And I probably will one day.

*Photo by Laura Boushnak

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  1. Am SO in love with ur work and this whole blog thing ;) ..
    Keep up the good work .. and hope to see those paintings in real one day inshallah :D

    Best regards
    Nouf al semari

    • Thank you, Nouf. I’m hoping to have my second PrettyGreenBullet exhibition soon (possibly November, if I can secure the venue I have my eye on :)!

  2. The unseen, the unknown ,hidden, Imaginary stuff, on your work makes them so special from every other angle! ((:

  3. I just came across your blog and find your artwork inspiring and wonderfully expressive. I’m curious about your new book (congratulations, by the way!) – is there a way to order it in the states?

  4. I had a Dec. 2007 Bazaar magazine saved many years ago since i loved the cover. As i was going threw an old pile of mail and magazines to throw out, i came across it again and couldnt get myself too as i really find it inspirational. Can i commision you to do something similar? The colors, the movement, the cigarette, the sunglasses, i love it.

  5. Big hello from San Diego / CA….this is really impressive…I loved the pic a lot. and the way you expressed your talent ;-))

  6. You are, without doubt, one of the finest artists I have had the pleasure to come across. Love the colours, the mood, the subjects and the subtle messages and ‘my’ interpretations. Bravo Ghadah!

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  8. I just discovered your blog today! I know I’ve tol you this before on instagram…I’m extractive that we have someone like you here in kuwait!!! Seriously keep doin what you do! If you’re in kuwait maybe someday or path will cross! Art forever! Lol

    • Maybe :)

      Thank you for your letter! There are quite a few talents we have. Check out Thuraya Lynn, Mohammed Al-Muhanna and Zouz Al-Mahdi!

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    • Thank you! So I just nearly made it :). I’m going through your blog now, and have pressed the ‘follow’ button. Happy New Year!

  10. Hey there Ghadah! Thank you for the likes on my works! I really appreciate it!
    Been looking around on your blog a couple of times,. You have amazing works here! Love the paintings and the drawings too. Very elegant linework.
    If there’s anything i can do for you just ask! I will add a link to your blog on my links page, so hopefully more people will see it.
    Cheers, and have a nice day!

  11. Hello Ghada! I ‘m Christina, one of your avid fan in Kuwait. I followed you first in IG & I couldn’t get enough of Eve’s charm :) Thank you for making my life in Kuwait worthwhile. I’m an expat here & to be able to see your works in IG and now in WP is really an amazing experience. If I would tell a story about Kuwait then I would mention that you are like a gem in here, You are an inspiration. Your talent is one of a kind. I was visiting the house of my Husband’s Boss the other week & I immediately saw one of your paintings & I exclaimed “That’s the work of Ghada Alkandari “! and He was surprised that I know.

    I can only say that one has to have a keen eye to be able to spot you and your beautiful works.I used to draw a lot when I was younger and suddenly I miss the brush in my hand..Thank you for taking the time to response on my comments on your posts. I appreciate it.
    I wish you all the best Ghada!

    I look forward to your Book !

  12. I’ve been teaching Arab artists all year and you are one of the most amazing artist and person I got to know in this fascinating Journey. Thank you and I wish you to keep growing all your life

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