this london trip • week two

The days are passing faster than I can record them. So I’ll be doing these regularly rather than daily, because it was making me miserable.

Meet me at ‘Alice’s’. The story of Alice’s is a long one and only really funny to me and Naz. This is Alice’s.

It was Lisa’s where she and I were meant to meet, but she typed in Alice’s, which coincidentally existed in the same road.

I leave Naz and go home for a bit of a sketch and stamp party. I planned to meet up with my dear friend Piyush and Dots to Lines’ Chaim Machlev that night.

Piyush and his gorgeous Dots to Lines tattoo.

Our requisite selfie.

After drinks we head to the Hole & Corner Design Fair in Shoreditch.

I saw these gorgeous vases by Japanese designer Miyu Kurihara but I wasn’t in the mood to buy.

Needless to say, this reminded me of the last painting I did, my self-portrait.

Next day I relax with the girls. That night I have a second date with someone I like.

Every day it’s Portobello Road. I live here and I love it and I will savor every second.

Saturday morning. I have a plan to visit the Geffrye Museum with Sarah and Matt. Also, Yousef arrives today.

The glorious Geffrye Museum of the Home in Hoxton.

Mid-Century, my century.

Matt and his cardamom sweet bun.

Me and Sarah, my Cardamom and Lime.

Yousef is here.

And I found those cases again. This time I saw it as a sign and bought four. I love them.

Sunday morning we meet Joseph the ‘Crazy Greek’. Yousef buys this TLR camera.

And Joseph gifts me this unusual slide. I’m in love with it.

Monday morning. Today is another lazy day. So far I’m on track.

I decided that vlogging would be easier than writing in my journal, just for the time-being. Turns out it’s not as easy as I thought and I haven’t much to say. Also, my face without eyebrows and a head is pretty hideous.

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  1. Really enjoyed this entertaining post and little glimpses into your world. I am glad you got those vases: they resemble your patterned work! Nice looking young men you featured! Yousef is a doll! Which reminded me, how in the world does Eve manage to keep her white dress so pristine, with all the nonsense she gets up to? The bus story reminds me of all the stupid shit that happens to me when apparently, Mars is in retrograde, or some such.

    • Your comment made me smile, Genie :) Because A. Yousef is a doll! And he’s quite a character too, makes me both proud and crazy at the same time! And B. Eve’s dress is filthy, you just can’t see it in the photos! I’ll have to post a close-up :) xxx

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