this london trip • days two and three

I can’t do this anymore, I hate that I’m a day behind so I’m consolidating here. This post is yesterday and today.

The first thing I did yesterday morning was pose with a bowl of fruit and my traveling tap. Managing a self-timed photo from that angle was tricky.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And furniture that will do your bidding.

Down the road I had a Swedish lunch to honor my brother-in-law M. In ten minutes those meatballs and mashed potatoes were devoured.

Later on I bought some stamps from this lovely man.

End of day two.

This afternoon, after an errand at the Kuwaiti Higher Education department, I met my friend Lulwa at Partridge’s in Sloane Square where I had the most incredible salted caramel brownie.

Lulu and the brownies. And coffee of course.

She wants a selfie and I say why not!

And I capped the afternoon with a quick visit to my Uncle Yagoub and my nephew Mohammed.

I got back home to a nice toasty flat (got the radiators to work, but not sure how, so they’re on/off at random times) and took a really good nap! And that’s this London trip: mellow, subdued, crazy-free.

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