this london trip • day one

I just realized that I’m on day two now and it’s bugging me that I’m behind. So I’ll post yesterday now and today later on.

Not that I’m doing much. It’s been a subdued stay so far, which was the plan all along: sleep, eat well, breathe and draw.

And see friends of course.

On my way to meet Naz for tea I saw this lovely pile of junk. Of course! It was Saturday on Portobello Road.

Yummy mangoes I bought on Ladbroke Grove yesterday afternoon. See? That’s how wild my trip’s been so far.

I was supposed to see Anna later on but neither one of us was in any condition to meet:

Whatsapp back-and-forths.

Lime green.

I want things to be peachy keen again.

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  1. So…across worlds, and time (I will soon be 70 yrs old), it seems we have some common thoughts (I absolutely HAD to read your notebook/journal). And I would have squealed in delight over the junk on the street and probably dived into it. Men: don’t get me started. I still carry a torch for the one who got away so many years ago when our parents broke us up (he is African American and I am a mix of godknowswhat plain jane caucasian). Still, Life has given me back my art and purpose (be me, make art, dialog with other creatives). And so we move forward and back, back and forward. P.S. a wise friend tells me, “they’re not doing it TO YOU, they’re just DOING it.”

    • Yes we have to keep that in mind, it’s not us it’s them. But when you’ve been burned so many times and then the final blow by someone you thought was ‘different this time’, it’s hard not to think it’s you!
      I’m sorry to hear about your one who got away. That seemed like a real love story. Mine isn’t that special or deep, but in my silly little mind I believe it was going to be something that would enrich my life. And it just fizzled into nothing. Just one message and it all disappeared.
      Thanks for your words, Genie x

    • Oh also, I did squeal in delight when I saw the junk pile. Really wanted to stop and smell the roses, but I was late getting to a friend!

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