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rainbow woman

Colorful Woman/The Psychology of Rainbows

I’ve been feeling rather rainbow-ish lately. I’ve always loved a good rainbow; they’re so exciting to spot and so rare in this part of the world. But they’re also a throwback to the early 80s, an era in which their popularity in sartorial culture soared. I owned everything rainbow: rainbow shoelaces, rainbow-handled tote-bag, rainbow wig. I was even a rainbow monkey for halloween once, whatever that is. 


I thought: if I’m going retro, I may as well wear this top I bought way back in the early 90s.


I wanted to cover all my shelves with rainbow polyhedra but I just didn’t have enough. Oh, and those rainbow ‘notebooks’ stacked like that…I wrapped some DVDs in rainbow-colored printing paper.


Color makes me happy.


Black and white too. I love this photo because, weirdly, it’s so cool that my right leg is cut off like that. Speaking of cut, no I haven’t had a haircut; I just never untucked my hair after putting the shirt on.

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