airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, beirut to kuwait and all in between

airplane timelines lebanon 2017

Kuwait to Beirut. Beirut to Kuwait is missing because I did my crossword puzzles on the short flight back.

My family and I spent a lovely week in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains for my sister Yasmine’s wedding. I’ll share some moments here.

Day 2, August 2 } Lunch in the Mountains


Day 3, August 3 } A Day at the Beach


A day at Bamboo Bay with the boys…


…and the girls.


Day 4, August 4 } The Wedding Night


Day 5, August 5 } The Day After

Eve enjoys the magical staircase before it disappears. Meanwhile, we enjoy another get-together with the newlyweds, family and friends.


Day 6, August 6 } A Quiet Day in Beirut

I spent most of this day alone at my parents’ apartment in Verdun. I really needed my me time.


Day 7, August 7 ) A Quiet Day on the Mountaintop and a Lunar Eclipse

The trip really winds down on this day. It was nice to have the house all to ourselves for a couple of hours.


Jana, K, T and the Traveling Tap 6.


He’s attached to her face.


Khaldoun, some dragons and an octopus.

Day 8, August 8 } Time to Go Home




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