new painting } ice-cream and a ladybug


Ice-Cream and a Ladybug, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 240 cm

This painting started with the eponymous ice-cream and ladybug. I was babysitting my nephew Khaldoun, had three empty canvases prepped for painting and thought: why not let him play a little? 


If you look at the bottom right hand corner, there are two white spots amid the blue. Those are K’s drawings. I left them for two reasons. The first one: I couldn’t bare to paint over them, so I worked around them as if they were priceless relics found at an archeological dig.The second reason: he actually identified them as ‘ice-cream’ and ‘ladybug’, something I thought was quite precocious for a two-year-old, as each held a resemblance to its designated identification.


Clever little artist Khaldoun Alkandari.

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I liked her with white eyes. Someone commented how the background here looks like a sunset in the distance.


Eve plays with us too.


I love the blue.


Sometimes things are clearer upside down.

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