new painting } the eves and thilo


The Eves & Thilo, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 240 cm

I finished this painting around ten days ago, and instead of photographing myself with it as I usually do with my finished paintings, I wanted to share that fun with a few of the special women in my life. Thanks to my sister Yasmine for thinking about asking her colleague photographer Thilo Mayer to take the pictures, which he so generously did. It was so spontaneous, and what was going to be an afternoon of fun with my girlfriends turned into an afternoon of fun with my girlfriends and Thilo! Oh, and Eve, who is currently staying with Fatma Bodoma, but I’ll leave that for another post.


I didn’t want to give away the painting before it was done, but I had gone out on a date, I liked my hair and I looked kick ass, so naturally…


I get so excited about color combinations and shapes.

The day of the ‘shoot’. I was so excited about this day. We met at 4 pm on a sunny, breezy Saturday. Some Eves couldn’t make it, so ultimately I was joined by my sister Yasmine, sister-in-law Jana, Lubna, Deema, Xeina and Fatma. Oh and Thilo. A big thank you and applause to Thilo, who without him we wouldn’t have had these wonderful shots.


This photo was taken by Thilo Mayer on his SLR camera. From left to right: Jana, Xeina, Yasmine, Lubna, me, Deema and Fatma

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Speaking of majesty…


Eves converse.


In one way or another, these women touch my life and there’s a special room for each one of them in my heart.


Jana suggests a long exposure photo with them moving and me sitting still. Thanks to Thilo and my dancing Eves, it turns out really cool.


Folkyflo Eve joins us for this rather dignified photograph.

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And Eve.

We introduced Thilo to Boomerang. I had to exercise great restraint in order to stay still. They had all the fun. Music is House of Fun by Madness.


Finally, a picture that sums up the afternoon. A happy day indeed.

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