airplane timelines } september 2, 2016 } BA156 kuwait to london


{ Friday, September 2 }


This plane is kind enough to wear its wounds on its sleeve. Thankfully, a dent on ‘Engine 4’ is found and Rolls Royce says we’re clear to fly. There is, however, a nagging feeling…a what if. What if the guy contacted at RR is having a day of terrible judgment or the ‘dent’ is worse than it looks…


On the train it feels like a full day later. In this picture, six black things.


{ Saturday, September 3 }


Saturday morning I have a hair appointment with the George Vallossian salon in Knightsbridge. Vitorio performs a miracle and fixes the disaster that’s my hair. It’s a four-hour process and outside it looks like it’s going to rain. In my head I’m doing the rain-dance in reverse.


I spend quite a bit of time looking up at the skylight and this chandelier.


After getting my hair done I pop into the Map House because I have promised Yousef to do so. The place is marvelous and I wish Yousef is with me.


I’m so happy with my hair, I can’t resist a selfie. I’m looking quite alright for my girl’s night out with family friend Dominique.


Vibrant fuchsia goes well with my new hair hue.


Dominique in her lovely kitchen. Outside it’s raining. We soon walk to Kings Road to watch ‘War Dogs’. Dominique is excited about this movie because it’s political and ‘Dick Cheney is in it!’.


I like Dominique’s kitchen.


{ Sunday, September 4 }


I meet Anna Dora For brunch. Our conversations usually look more heated than they actually are. Nothing better than great company and food.


After brunch we head to Chelsea Town Hall for the Frock It! Vintage Fair.


Very Sergeant Pepper. I try on a precious black Victorian bolero but the price is too steep for me (completely worth it though!).


Later on I head down to Surrey to meet with my brother T and his family. The girls show off their garden’s bounty.


This is how they prepare for dinner. And notice the placement of the napkins. This is done by careful design.


{ Monday, September 5 }


I wake up so excited this morning because I will finally meet Eve and the woman who created her, Laura. The only way I can express how appreciative I am that Laura put her heart into Eve is by painting her a picture. The day before, Anna Dora and I bought knickknacks from Swedish discount-design store Tiger. This is my bag. And inside are paints and a small canvas.


I start with a blue line. I am up so early, I have time to stop and take leisurely photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A pleasant stretch on the Piccadilly train.

I spend hours with Laura, lunching, chatting, laughing. I get back to the hotel around 6 and I’m completely spent. All I want to do is stay in and play with Eve, which I do. Click here to enter Laura’s world.

{ Tuesday, September 6 }


I get back to the hotel and she’s waiting for me. This becomes a custom.

Later that evening I meet Anna Dora at the Tommyfield for dinner and Quiz Night. We make the top eleven. Our team name, The Wren Hot Chili Peppers (theme is London Burning) is a semi-finalist. It loses to Burn, Baby, Burn, Quizco Inferno which we think is brilliant.

{ End of Part One }





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