the reincarnation of eve

I have been following Laura Bevan on Instagram for a while now. As I do with many artist friends I’ve ‘met’ on Instagram, I like a lot of her posts/artwork. But it’s her dolls I fell in love with. Because I’m always up for a collaboration, I asked her if she would create an Eve for me, in a larger size. She agreed and a few weeks later I am now united with my FolkyFlo Eve. And because I happen to be in London, I picked her up personally from Laura, who I feel like I’ve known all my life.

This is where we first meet, in Laura’s wondrous workroom.

Laura and one of her paintings.

She is HEAVY, but we look good together!

Downstairs in the family room.


In her purse is a surprise: a little book of sketches, two small shells and a lavendar-scented pouch with an E.

Back at the hotel she familiarizes herself with room 1137. She starts to feel at home.

She shows me her petticoat.

She takes a selfie with me.

Sometimes she’s too at home and I find her like this.

And sometimes she claims my artwork is hers…but I let it pass.

We’re Yin and Yang.

This afternoon I learned that she’s been scaring housekeeping, naughty Eve.


But mostly she’s a good girl minding her own business.

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