until love } three hundred and twenty

I usually work on my elaborate Instagram projects alone, but this time I recruited my niece Yasmeen (who is visiting from NYC, where she’s attending Parson’s) and daughter Zainab. What a load off my back! It was a lot more fun than doing it alone, and a tiny bit less importantly, I had help cleaning up.

until love 320

until love } three hundred and twenty

Music is Humpty Dumpty by Aimee Mann:



Below is part two of this post, which actually took place today. Part one, above, happened yesterday (sometimes my timelines are topsy turvy).

To change things up a bit I decided to sort my sonobe units by color: create many and assemble later. I loved the way they looked so of course I had to play around a little.

Yasmeen and I made this video earlier today. She filmed me hand-dancing with the sonobes and later helped me with the soundtrack.

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