your stories needed!

Ladies, lend me your voices! As many of you know, I have an exhibition coming up in January, and for this I would like your stories. These stories will be played audibly as a ‘soundtrack’ to the exhibition, so please don’t send anything you feel uncomfortable about sharing. I won’t be editing or censoring anything. All you have to do is record yourself talking and send it to my email address:

I recently put together three little videos to demonstrate what I’m looking for. Basically, it’s anything that comes to your mind. I want to thank these ladies for sending me their voices:


Your recordings should be in Wav/MP3/MP4 format (this may be the default setting on devices, I don’t know). I have received some Quicktime files, those don’t work. 

Length should be between a few seconds and ten minutes, although ideally one or two minutes should do.

Content can be anything you like. You can tell me a childhood story, share your musings, or maybe read a poem you like or one you’ve written. I love to hear ghost stories. The possibilities are many.

Stories can be in any language you like. I’ve received both English and Arabic files but would also love to hear from my Chinese, Swedish, Russian, Welsh, Japanese, Norwegian, French friends, to name a few. And you can be anywhere in the world to submit it.

My male friends, if you feel there’s a woman inside you wanting to express herself, feel free to send me a recording.

Please let me know if you want to remain anonymous as I do intend to credit my Eve ‘sisters’.

Deadline is December 31, 2016.

Please spread the word! Ask your mom, best friend, sister, daughter, grandma, aunty…the more stories the richer this project will be.

*Thank you, Zainab, for being so patient with me and these Eves! And for taking the photos x


As well as being the ‘soundtrack’ for one of the halls at CAP, I’m interested to see if your stories affect my work, display etc. I love involving others in my creative process and who better to include than my world’s women and girls.


Oops. This is what happens when you have massive feet like mine.


It wasn’t me.




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