little cardboard paintings

I nearly threw this origami packaging cardboard into the recycling basket. I’m glad I didn’t.


My first, so I played with her the most.




Earlier today, painting and watching the Gilmore Girls. I find the show endearing, despite the fact that everyone in it, especially the eponymous mother and daughter, is annoying. I do like Stars Hollow, Sookie and Luke though.


I line them up.


I dance with them.

For this video I used a sample from my son Khaled’s GarageBand folder.

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  1. A lot to unpack in this post, girl! I am in love with cardboard. Love your delicate dance among the rough and sturdy cardboard girls. the music from your son’s garage band is haunting. I have pinned a couple of your artworks to my “Art I really dig” board in Pinterest and hope to do more, if that is OK with you.

    • That’s more than OK, Genie! And I have to clarify that the music is something I purchased from a royalty-(and guilt)free website called AudioJungle. Maybe GarageBand is a good way to go and my son is quite good at that sort of thing. Thanks for the idea!

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