discommon } my unexpected date with a straight razor

discommon 21

My family and I love fine things: my son’s Royal typewriter, Ahmed’s slide rule, aka a slipstick (wink, wink), my Muji notebooks and the star of this post, a Discommon titanium straight razor. Makes a girl wish, for once, that she were a man.

My brother Ahmed recently bought a razor. He didn’t just get it from the Mishref Coop behind my parents’ house. It’s a serious work of art. And he asked me to take it home and photograph it.

I am terrified of any sort of blade. I have a phobia (this is grotesque and very specific) of someone slicing my throat with a knife as I enter a dark room. So you can imagine my nervousness at handling such a sharp object. But soon its beauty overshadowed its potential damage (especially in the hands of a klutz like me).

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discommon 03

A razor in a pouch with a little thank you note from Neil. Perfect.


My favorite companies are ones that operate on a personal level. That’s why I love Hope House Press (my journals) so much.

discommon 05

I could’ve played with you all day. These origami polyhedra were created with paper I got from my favorite local paper supplier LB o J’zazz.

discommon 02

And the Muji paper wants to play too.

discommon 07

No one wants to be a commoner.

discommon 11

Making friends.

discommon 10

A cool paperweight for us dis-bearded folk.

discommon 22

In the spirit of introducing my new friend the razor to other things I love, I put these things together.

discommon 20

Eve gets a close shave, in more ways than one.

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