until love } a hundred and seventy-four


Until Love } A Hundred and Seventy-Four

It’s funny how the purpose and drive behind creating these wonderful structures keeps shifting. They are no longer individual polyhedra, but each one a part of a whole. The idea is slowly evolving in my head. Who knows what I’ll settle on come January 2017. Will it still be about finding love? All I know is that what I’m looking for, what I need and want, has already changed.



People are always surprised when they are informed that these ‘fortune teller thingies’ take around an hour and a quarter to create. Here’s a quick look. Music is Bang on the Ear by The Waterboys.

When I posted the above video to Instagram, my sister asked if I finally stuck the phone to my forehead. It made me laugh. So I sent her a photo of my contraption, which, if I should say so myself, is quite ingenious. And I’ll definitely be using it again and again in the future.

ul 01

I simply balance my phone on the ruler and it’s an instant bird’s eye view ‘tripod’. Oh, and I’ve also been watching ‘Dexter’ on Netflix. I’m on season four.


My polyhedra Instagram shots almost always involve me climbing this ladder. You can’t see it here, but I’ve just set my camera on timer, taped the phone to the ceiling and am ascending. I like what the camera captured.


No matter how many I have, it’s never enough.

ul 09

I always dread clean-up. I decide to make a pile before I store my polyhedra away. They look much better in a pile.



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  1. This is too beautiful, I’m crossing my fingers..I need one of those paintings in my life . Thank you for sharing all the beautiful skillful genius process behind your art work.
    What an inspirational being dear Ghada .

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