new painting at CAP’s artist studio


This is how I left her last Sunday.

So I have officially started work on my upcoming exhibition, tentatively titled Until Love, at the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait, January 2017. To paint my first four large scale paintings, they are kindly allowing me to use their ‘artist’s studio’. I’ll do the rest of the paintings at home.

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I decided to go back this afternoon as I don’t have my kids today and felt I could give I’d have a good stretch to paint. The door to the studio is glass (another inconvenience, albeit a minor one) so I found a solution. I took a change of clothes, and as soon as I finished getting into them I noticed a security camera behind me. I made some security guard’s day today.

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I also Snapchatted the progression of this painting today. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, my Snapchat name is GhadahPGB. I’m still trying to figure out Snapchat. It’s one of those apps that encourages silliness and banality, but I try to use it for good rather than evil.


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