UK days } april 28 to may 8, 2016 } part III

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This one was mostly on the train to Leatherhead.

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{ May 6, 2016, The Morning After Pill }


This is my fifth stay at the Ampersand, but my first time playing with the rubber ducky. I feel like I am in dire need of a spiritual lift so I take a bath. I’m disappointed that the duck won’t stay upright, so I decide to go to the park and paint.


It’s crazy how therapeutic this is. Painting is a solitary activity for me. But here, on this sunny day at the park, joined by my new friend Nadine, I am nearly purged of the emotions I felt in the morning. Oh, did I forget to say I’d had a shitty night before?


More healing back at the Ampersand Tea Room. Scones and chamomile tea with Nadine.


To complete the healing process, I meet Naz at the Wellcome Collection for the Display exhibitions/workshops, and I am cured.

{ May 7, 2016, Angel with Lizzie, Theo and Julian }


I meet my dear friend Reem’s friend Lizzie. A day before, feeling completely crestfallen, I nearly canceled. I’m glad I didn’t. My job this trip is to ‘chill’ and to make myself as happy as possible.


I catch this beautiful bride gliding down the stairs at the Ampersand. Look at her, she’s beaming!

{ May 8, 2016, Saying Good-bye }


Packing is difficult. I really don’t want to leave, even though this room reminds me of a huge disappointment I felt days earlier. But I also had some wonderful times here.

On the Southern line to Leatherhead…


In Leatherhead my brother’s family and I visit a car show. Here, these three Triumphs appear victorious in all their glory.


The requisite Pantiles jump.

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