my private little arab spring

To put this post in perspective, a quick backstory here.

Music is Blind My Mind by Flunk:

Although my spring cleaning (well, more like an accumulation of ten springs) began around ten days ago, it went into high gear three days back when I realized I didn’t have much time before the Palestinian Cultural Exhibition preps this weekend, to be followed immediately by ┬ámy trip to London on the 28th. I think I’m over the worst part, but still so much left to do. At least now I can safely say that there’s a place for everything. So I present to you my last┬áthree days:

{ Friday }


I knew I’d soon be painting this wall and I wanted to give it a proper Instagram send-off. So I thought, what better way than an interactive IG game of Hangman?


I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I soon figured out a way. I honestly thought people would get it immediately but they didn’t.




Hangman! I won!


{ Saturday }


I give that mango wall one last look before…

Karim the painter gets to it. Music is Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin:


{ Today }

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