three days in nayland } cobblers cottage


Eve relaxes. At night, this is our position of choice.

This is my fourth visit to one of my beloved Grove Cottages. This time: Cobblers Cottage. My companions are my sister-in-law Jana, her baby bump (my nephew) and, of course, Eve. The cottage is breath-taking and as always exceeds my expectations. I still can’t believe how generous people are with sharing these lovely ‘homes’. 

{day one: monday, february 8}

We arrive at the cottage and see that the lights are on inside. The door is unlocked so we walk in. It feels like a fairy tale.


She feigns sleep in the bedroom…


…and ends up falling asleep for real.

Later on at night, while Jana sleeps upstairs and the wind blows ferociously outside, I sit down to paint.

{day two: tuesday, february 9}


It takes us a moment or two to decide the route. Also, as you see here, I have brought my Traveling Tap with me. We ultimately decide it’s best to keep her home. Really, it was fifteen minutes of back-and-forthing before we set off to Stoke.

On this day we decide to explore the area and walk to Stoke. It’s cold and ends up raining down on us but the walk is brisk and the air is fresh.

We enter the Crown and it’s too early for lunch so we order tea and pastries (which is not on the menu but they are nice enough to ask the chef to make some). Sometimes I feel like having a pregnant woman around opens doors I’d never dare touch otherwise.

On our way back to Nayland we are greeted by a deceptive sun. There’s no refuge from the bitter cold and my stomach is sore. We still manage to enjoy the walk.

Back at the cottage I soothe my stomach with tea and light the fire. I immediately fall asleep in front of it, right there on the floor, no introductions. Half an hour later a trail of spittle from my tired mouth wakes me from my slumber.

{day three: wednesday, february 10}


On the third day I wake up bright and early, capturing more of this gem’s beauty.


Eve takes a bath.

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One last goodbye before we leave…

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  2. Dear Ghadah,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you did, for it lead me to find your website. I read this post and my heart melted. Surely we are “kindred spirits”. (Your photo “Eve takes a bath” made me smile. Such a delightful way to display your art.)

    All the best,

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