new painting } d’s message in her hand

duncan message in her hand

D’s Message in Her Hand, acrylic on canvas, 2016

I just got back from London. There, I almost met a man. This man presented me with a beautiful face and an online personality so compatible with mine. And I filled in the rest to create a new muse for myself.

He has no idea how much he has inspired me to paint like a curious child again.

Listen to This Old House by Madrugada}

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I started the painting yesterday morning. I painted frantically and excitedly; I painted for him. I finished it this morning and was informed by Noor that someone was interested in acquiring it. Of course I was happy to hear this but extremely sad I didn’t get to spend the weekend with it. With her. She was very difficult to say good-bye to.

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She is so vulnerable and for a change, I feel like *I* want to protect *her*.

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We share a banana.


Time to wrap you up nice and safe.

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  1. I am always brought to a dreamland whenever I gazed at your amazing artwork. Pretty, soulful & uncanning I love the sentiments & your adventures behind this masterpiece. Tell us more about the new inspiration :)

    • Thank you, Just Blue x

      My inspiration is most likely an active figment of my imagination; someone who may or may not be deserving of the pedestal I’ve placed him on. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he has galvanized me into painting like this. Perhaps if I’d met him I wouldn’t have held him in such high regard. So in a way I’m kind of lucky to have left him a mystery (I like the men I create in my head far better than any I’ve ever met!).

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