new painting complete } eve the sun

eve the sun final

Eve the Sun, 2016, acrylic on canvas, approx. 125 x 275cm (my first painting this year yay)

She’s done and delivered. All she needs now is visitors. She’ll be at Dar.Nur until she finds a home.

See her history here.

Listen to Conjure One’s Center of the Sun featuring Poe:

eve the sun 01

I fine tuned her last night and a little more this morning.

eve the sun detail 01

No matter how much I tried to paint the sadness out of her face, she’d end up like this. I guess it may have been PMS. Our moons have finally caught up with each other.

eve the sun detail 02

Holding tight to a baby planet called Pluto.

eve the sun 03

Sometimes I’m her but most of the time she’s me. Either way, we revolve around each other.

eve the sun


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  1. This is stunning. I really appreciate the shot of you on the ladder painting, and standing next to it.

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